Is a Tax-Free Retirement possible?

Learn the answers to this and more at our

Special Dinner Event at

Cattlemen’s in Rancho Cordova
12409 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

on Tuesday, June 22nd at 6pm

Join us for a gourmet steak dinner (on us!) as we discuss ways to maximize your retirement income – tax-free!

If you have a guest you would like to bring they are welcome to attend if they are over the age of 40. They are REQUIRED to register in order to attend. Please share the link!

Complimentary Gourmet Meal & Educational Presentation:

“Tax-Free Income Strategies”

Andrew with Tower Bridge Financial as we discuss tax-free income options for retirees and how to leverage them in your retirement plan. On Tuesday, June 22nd we’ll discuss:

Implications of Taxes In Retirement

  • What happens to your retirement income if taxes go up?
  • Current tax laws: how they impact your income401(k), IRA, and other retirement accounts
  • Planning for tax implications

Tactics For a Tax-Free Income

  • Financial products that may provide tax-free income
  • Insurance Vs.Investments: how the rules differ
  • Key factors in choosing a tax-free income strategy
  • Maximizing your retirement income

Benefits of Tax-Free Retirement Strategies

  • Protecting your money while it grows
  • How to provide tax-free income for your beneficiaries
  • Eliminating the need for probate
  • How to add flexibility and tax-free liquidity to your portfolio

Why Tax-Free Income Matters

  • How taxes can change your overall retirement picture
  • Possible ways to enhance your income
  • Ways to protect and grow your money, tax-free
  • Can you retire tax-free?
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