Back Roads of the Economy

J.P. Morgan’s chief global strategist David Kelley recently gave a speech concerning there still being a long way to go before the US has a full economic recovery and it is “therefore wise for investors to be cautious.” “He compared the current situation to when he used to drive to New York from Massachusetts. It’s only about a four-hour drive in theory, but it always takes longer, he noted. That is because you’ll be “speeding along the highway, but you always know by the time you get to Bridgeport, Connecticut,” you hit traffic, so you try to avoid the traffic by taking the side roads, he recalled, adding: “Eventually you do get there — it’s just much slower going.” He said that “When you take the back roads, there are lots of twists and turns and the bottom line is that that makes it very difficult to see what is ahead, and speeding on a back road … will get you into trouble.” It may be time to think of ways of generating income in your portfolio without materially adding to your overall volatility. Call us, we can tell you about a product that protects your principal when the market goes down, and also guarantees income for life. We’re always here to help.

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